使用您的手机扫描和乘车与RTD MyRide! 在优步和Transit应用程序上也可以买到RTD车票和通行证.


RTD MyRide应用程序 让您扫描并使用您的MyRide移动条码乘车. Simply scan your barcode at validators on buses and rail platforms and your fare is automatically deducted from your account balance.

你也可以为以后的旅行提前购买车票和通行证. 它快速,简单,并且在任何时候都可以使用.

  • 管理您的RTD MyRide帐户,资金和付款选项
  • Use your MyRide mobile barcode and your fare is automatically capped to ensure you never pay more than you should on RTD
  • 绕过线路和自动售票机
  • 不需要精确更改
  • 不会再丢纸票了
  • 你的手机就是你的票
  • 安全帐户使购买轻而易举
  • Connect to other RTD resources like the Trip Planner and Next Ride apps


Simply open the RTD MyRide应用程序 and scan your MyRide barcode at the validator, and your fare will automatically be deducted from your MyRide balance. Scan before every trip and transfer and you'll never pay more than you should as fares are capped at the cost of a Day and Monthly Pass!


  1. Pre-purchase tickets for future use or buy a ticket on the day of travel
    1. (Pre-purchased tickets expire 45 days after purchase even if not activated. 已激活的车票在凌晨2点59分到期.m. 激活后的第二天早上)
  2. 选择“购票”
  3. 选择机票类型
  4. 输入付款信息,通行证立即送达
  5. 在乘坐公共汽车或火车之前激活你的车票
  6. 向操作员和检票员出示




冰球突破豪华版试玩您的RTD MyRide应用程序,帐户或购买.




RTD MyRide App

我可以在哪里使用RTD MyRide应用程序?

的 MyRide mobile barcode and RTD mobile tickets are valid on all regular bus, FlexRide, 用处多, 火车服务. 的y are not valid on Access-a-Ride or RTD Special Service routes and another form of fare payment is required to ride these services. 请阅读RTD 票价政策 在旅行之前.


的 MyRide mobile barcode allows you to simply scan your phone at validators to pay your fare on RTD buses and trains using your account balance. When you use your MyRide mobile barcode your trips accumulate and your fare will automatically be capped at the cost of a Day or Monthly Pass ensuring you never pay more than you should.

使用RTD MyRide应用程序有任何费用吗?

不,RTD MyRide应用程序是免费下载的. You may incur data usage fees via your mobile service provider for use of the application. RTD is not responsible for any mobile carrier data charges that a customer incurs as a result of downloading or using the RTD MyRide app.

RTD MyRide应用程序在所有设备上可用吗?

的 RTD MyRide应用程序 is available on the majority of iOS and Android devices installed with recent operating systems. 旧版本的软件可能不受支持.


You have the option to store your credit card details for future transactions.

What security protections are in place to protect my personal information?

的 RTD Mobile Tickets platform is fully certified and compliant with Payment Card Industry standards (PCI-DSS). 所有支付通信都通过SSL完全加密, 存储的任何敏感数据都是高度加密的, and systems are constantly being monitored for security vulnerabilities.



是的. You can sign in to your RTD MyRide account online and manage your balance, 付款方式, 以及与你账户相关的MyRide卡. 点击这里 登录或创建您的RTD MyRide帐户.

我是否需要建立一个帐户才能使用RTD MyRide应用程序?

No, but we recommend that you do for your convenience and protection. 如果您创建了客户帐户,而您的移动设备丢失了, 偷来的, 或替换, 你的余额和任何未使用的, unexpired tickets will be available when logging into your account on the new device.



You may pre-purchase tickets for future use and activate as you ride or purchase a ticket on the day of travel. Pre-purchased tickets expire 45 days after purchase even if not activated for use. 10-Ride Ticket Pack passes expire 120 days after purchase even if not activated for use.

如果我和朋友和家人一起旅行, 我可以在手机上购买和激活多张门票吗?

是的, you can buy up to 10 mobile tickets per ticket type in a single purchase, 每种票种每天最多可购买20张票. 你仍然可以使用MyRide的条形码来支付车费, but others will have to use mobile tickets that are purchased separately, 票价上限不适用于这些车票. You must activate a ticket for each passenger before boarding an RTD vehicle. Be aware that activating a large number of tickets may slow down the app.


Receipts are available through email for all purchases made through the RTD Mobile Tickets App. 购票时请输入您的电子邮件地址, 收据将自动通过电子邮件发送给您. 如果你找不到收据, you can open the ticket from your ticket wallet and re-send the receipt to your email address.


对于未使用的票价媒体,RTD不予退款. In the event of service disruptions, please contact RTD Customer Care at 303-299-6000.



你必须在上公共汽车或火车之前激活车票. Bus operators and fare inspectors will require an activated ticket. 请注意:车票将于凌晨2点59分到期.m. 在激活后的第二天.


是的. Purchased tickets and passes expire 45 days after purchase even if they are not activated. 10-Ride Ticket Pack passes expire 120 days after purchase even if not activated.


手机票的截止时间是凌晨2:59.m. 在激活后的第二天. Depending on when you activate, this may not be a full 24-hour period.


是的. If you have a Local Day Pass you may take a one-way trip on a higher level of service if you pay for the upgrade in cash on the bus, or purchase an upgrade ticket at a ticket vending machine on a rail platform or at a rail station.

Will my mobile ticket still work if I lose my cell phone service while trying to use my ticket?

Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or Wi-Fi services to be displayed. You do need connectivity to purchase a ticket, which must be done before boarding. 如果您在购票后失去手机服务, you will still be able to activate and display the ticket from the ticket wallet.


If your mobile phone is inoperable, you will have to use some other payment method for the trip.


如果你有一个RTD MyRide帐户,并购买了一个新的移动设备, simply install the app on your new device and sign into your account. 您的余额和任何未使用或未过期的机票将可用. 如果您的余额或任何未使用或未过期的门票没有出现, 请与RTD的客户服务团队联络 303-299-6000.


我有资格享受折扣. 我如何在移动设备上访问这些内容?

When making a purchase, you can select between a full price pass and a discounted pass. 折扣票价 are available for all seniors 65+; individuals with disabilities; Medicare recipients; and elementary, 中间, 以及6-19岁的高中生. 资格证明是必需的. 美国的现役军人.S. 免费乘坐所有RTD服务. Individuals with disabilities may obtain a Special Discount Card by calling 303-299-2667.


Children five years of age or younger ride free with a fare-paying adult. 每位已付费成人限乘坐3名儿童.

我是一名现役军人. 对我有折扣吗?

美国的现役军人.S. 免费乘坐军车 所有RTD服务. 资格证明是必需的.



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